Couple questions…

How am I doing! Let me know I am also wondering what to do about this branch that I cannot get to receive light on lower nodes?

How much do you think yield could be from this plant it is the same strain as this smaller one

Also how far from harvest do you think this smaller plant is?

This lower node is barely getting light should I just cut it?

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They are not going to be very productive. I wouldn’t worry about the lower portion of the plant.

It’s not something that can be predicted, as it is dependent on the environment that you give the plant.

For how many weeks has the plant been flowering? It takes 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time for flower to ripen.

Yes. The lower portion of the plant is rarely productive. It is normal for a plant to shed lower leaves.

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So should I cut The whole branch off your just the lower nodes

As for yield I was just wondering due to size of my lant

Does it look like it’s worth growing?

I keep the lower branches and use the buds when i do keif runs


At this point I would leave the limb. I like to take some of the lower limbs before it starts to flower. It’s not going to hurt the plant if you choose to take it . Good luck

How far do you think from harvest on smaller plsnt

Clone material?
always try. I do

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I think the smaller plant is in the window to harvest all the crystals look to be mostly cloudy. If you give it another week is definitely not going to hurt anything.

No for me on the clones, I toss the lower limbs. I know I might open a can of worms here, but there’s just something about clones I don’t like growing.

Seedlings are faster.
Clones are just 'Wax-On, Wax-Off".

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Clones, to me don’t seem to be as structurally strong of a plant. I’m old school I like to germinate my seeds.

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Me too, but years ago, seeds for good weed could be hard to find.
So I learned cloning.
Its an acquired skill or talent/technique.
I just ordered my “first” Autoflower ILGM Afghan seeds with the Gold Leaf seed sale on the Fourth.
Photos last year.
Autos this November indoor winter growing


I love the gold leaf one of my favorites. Spread those lambs out and They will kick off some monster colas.

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I personally just started growing and I feel the same way

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To the community stick around !