Could this be mycelium, or just super dense flowers?

I’m growing a mystery bag seed, so I don’t know anything about genetics. This was a ‘practice’ grow developing my set up. (I guess they are all practice grows until I’m happy with how it goes.) I flipped the lights to 12/12 on March 1st, so coming up on 6 weeks into flower. I notice I have many early amber trichomes, and my last grow developed early for some reason. A couple weeks ago, I had what I think was a powdery mold outbreak. I used dilute hydrogen peroxide with some success and then Lost Coast Plant Therapy, which completely wiped out any sign of powdery mold. I have had some fungus gnats, not enough to really see, but they show up on sticky yellow sheets.

I am growing in a 4x4 tent, and for this grow am using HLG 260 XL lights, I have 2 of them. I have 2 4 inch inline fans one for intake filtering through a double layer of a cotton handkerchief, and another pulling through a carbon filter. I use an oscillating fan and two other fans to keep air moving. I keep humidity between 45 and 55% with a fan controller.

The lights are new lights, I used Burples in my previous grows so the buds are VERY different from what I got before. They are really heavy and dense.

If this is an infestation, can anything be done to salvage the flowers? Even if just to extract it all to coconut oil?

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Nice photos


I destroyed an entire grow due to powdery mildew. I used bleach water to clean the whole area before starting the next grow. I would not take chances with it.
You can mix Arm and Hammer baking soda with water and a few drops of dish soap to spray on leaves. This makes the pH too high for mildew. Neem oil might help. Once you see it on a leaf you need to removed the affected leaves. It can’t be “cured.”

It’s a bummer. I had planned on starting seeds while these girls are flowering, but will be doing a full ebola bleach cleaning of the tent and the whole area before starting any new plants.

My grow before had fungus gnats and I got rid of them by cleaning really well and treating all the plants in the house. A friend had a strange looking plant and offered it to me, and that brought the fungus gnats back. That was a plant that revegetated from flowering and grew completely bizarre and gnarly, and after it straightened out was too dense. I didn’t know better and didn’t defoliate it or train it to open up, and that’s where the powdery mildew started from not enough airflow. That’s what I think happened anyway.

These plants are almost done and then it’s time for spring cleaning.

I take @Reticence did but I have never seen PMD closeup on buds?

Can you give us a picture of the leafs and whole plant?

The plant has been treated, but I found some lower leaves that have some powdery mildew. The whole plant was like that before. This plant is MK Ultra, revegetated from flowering that just grew weird.

Interesting to see that on the buds close up…
Unfortunately on the leafs it Looks like PMD so yeah it probably is on the buds too. :tired_face::sob:
Noclue if i would smoke that…

These are the same flowers after hitting them with Plant Therapy. I got some buds more thoroughly than others and you can see some of the fungus still on the trichomes. I have 15 days left in flowering (assuming I go 8 weeks) and then will be harvesting and washing well in peroxide. I saw all the fine people excited to get UVA lights and I’ve heard it is unfriendly to fungus so I bought one that just came in. I’ll hang it for the last couple weeks.