Coolest fan ever! And other gear in my set up

Hello all,

I thought I would share with you what I have been upgrading in my tent the last few days.
Lately I had been having problems keeping temps down below 82f since I decided to turn on my 8 and 6 bulb 4 foot T5 fixtures as side lighting as well as the possessed heater that no matter how much you adjust the dial it will want to run, if on, even when it’s 80f but when lights out it barely keeps above 68f ( have a temp controller coming to handle that hassle) Well my solution was to upgrade my 4” inline fan and ordered an 8” to allow better cooling. Fan arrived - started to remove 4” fan and while removing the filter cover wrapping the outside of charcoal filter I realized it might be all the white dust (hard water) clogging the airflow thereby increasing temps in tent. That light bulb went off for this and the reason I had been replacing my furnace filter about every 3 weeks or so where due to restricted flow from filter furnace wouldn’t go to second stage heating cycle so temps in house started to fall and for 17 years I would replace furnace filter maybe every 2-3 months during heating season. So if you have hard water and are using humidifiers and your burning through filters now you know why! Well I am still glad I upgraded to the 8” in line fan as now I have a much wider control for temperatures and now am dialed in at around 72F and 40%RH so will be using much less water in humidifier plus with fan only running at about 1/2 speed so quieter too where my 4” fan had to run full on.

Ok well that’s not the coolest fan ever it this one is…

This fan will mimic the outdoor variable breeze you would experience when outside. The 3 plants in the picture are all gently rustled when the fan is set with oscillating button (front grill spins slowly around) plus the breeze button which randomly (actually is a pattern) which covers 5 feet long and about 3 feet wide area. This will give a breeze with varying speed covering all 3 plants easily! Best fan I’ve ever owned and great for the ladies! It was $35 but well worth it.

Here is some of my other equipment I am using for environmental control and stuff.

Here are pics after I defoliated them and did more LST training. They are 2 months old and will be flipping them in the next couple days after I take some cuttings to put in my new cloning bucket.

My new cloning bucket, lights etc. and am running things to get them dialed in before putting the cutting in to make sure things are within parameters for best results.

If anyone has any suggestions for me I would be happy to read them as I am always open to educating myself

Thanks for taking the time reading my post and


Your set up and plants are looking great , nice work .

looking good Diver.!
glad u found the hard water issue quickly.!!
what kind of bulbs r u using.?
some of them look like black lights in the pic.???

The T5 bulbs yellow are power veg with UV and the blue ones are veg bulbs.
The two overhead lights are LED with 4 cobs plus 16 5w LED’s with UV and IR plus veg blue and bloom red each for 240W plug output per light.
Lol at 1am they all become black lights…timer off

Yea was a trip about the hard water deposits all over the place…never ran humidifiers before


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