Controller 69 Automations

So I finally started playing around with the Automations on my Controller 69. I dont yet have a controller 79 or any type of powered controller to turn off and on my humidifier yet so ive managed to do a workaround thats working fantastic.

Im in Zone 5 which makes winters brutal for managing rh, with 20% being average.

So my “dumb” humidifier is directly inside the tent set to low and runs until its dry. Aproximately 12 to 14 hours. Ive set up the 69 to maintain temps between 70° and 78° with 80°f being the high trigger, and RH set to 50% in the day time. Then at night lowers to 40% with no temp triggers.

Ive also set the light to start ramping down 2 hours before lights out to help mimic the setting sun. It drops 1 point the first hour, then 1 point every 30 mins until lights out. I still need a far red lightbar to help put them to sleep for 15 minutes once lights are out, but ill get there.

Later today ill program the S11 Ionbeams to Sync with the S44 Ionboard and ramp down together.

Vpd on point.

If anyone has any input on this or tips that i may be overlooking let me know.

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?? why or how? In my grow, with lights out, the temp drops and the RH shoots up.
55degrees and 65%RH at night.
Oscillating, fan, and filtered exhaust continuously.
Days 70-74 degrees and 40-50%RH.
Stays high RH in cold damp weather.

Why, 2 hours is grow time.
I reduce, at the last half hour and ramp the next day (watch my ladies).

Because i have a cheap humidifier thats still running when lights go out and im not always here to turn it off. And for whatever reason dropped my target rh to 40% compensate for the added humidity last night. Which isnt necessary given the way the system functions i could have left it at 50%. My temps never drop lower than 62 at night and stay around 65. So i have it set to chase vpd but on the higher end because of how dense my canopy is and is going to become. As i mentioned earlier, this is a work around im trying out to combat extremely low rh and not having the luxury of a humidity controller for my humidifier. Im still learning and testing out the automations. Why have it and not try to figure out how to set it up.

AC-I makes an Outlet controller for dual independent plugs and program controls.
Includes Temp/RH probe and will monitor or auto power to connected circuits.
Could that assist? and BT enabled

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Yeah thats what i was saying. I dont have one so this setup is my solution. I run at a min of 1 on my exhaust with a max of 10 and my rh is set to 55%. So its always on and it ramps up if my rh gets too high. That way i dont have to worry about it runnig at lights out and i never go over my limit. It runs at 1 to 4 on average. Its just nice to know i got it all on sync. Became an issue once i tried hooking up another lighting system and the manual setting werent working anymore

Correct me if I’m wrong but are you trying to get less swings in your RH lvls? If so you can set the fan to change lvl per % the RH goes up instead of going from 1-10 and back down.