Containers for greenhouse use

I am starting my first and rather large grow in a few months. We have been researching the best containers to use in our greenhouse. My question is, I have a good friend who owns a tire shop, are old tires ok to use as planters or are there to many concerns about chemicals being released from the tires. Thanks for all your help in advance.

You mean like stacking the tires up an then filling them in with soil? I don’t think there would be any concerns with the tire chemicals, but I have never heard of such a thing.

I have seen people use old tires to make planters in their front yard and such. Paint them up and fill with nice flowers. I dnt see any issues as long as u give them a proper wash before using. Good luck and good idea

If u use old tires what will stop the plants from growing into the ground? I guess what I’m asking is without a bottom what really is the purpose of the tires? U can just dig holes and fill with soil and plant in the ground. The tires would b solely cosmetic.

Thanks for the responses, as far as growing into the grown, the greenhouse will have groundcover. Just thought since I can get pretty much an endless supply for free it would be a good idea as long as it didn’t affect the plant.

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Hmmm. Not sure how the hot rubber inside a greenhouse would affect them. But I do know someone who would do. @Niala. Can u help with this question?

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Just my 2 cents but I find that grow bags are super cheap and great for greenhouses. I know NFTG soil comes in a grow bag. U just open it and plant.

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ive heard of using tires for potatoes, when its time to harvest yoi just kick it over, saves the effort of digging

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That was another concern I had, if the tire would get to hot.

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its a hell of a risk and you will have zero portability, should the need arise…try it with tomatoes first, harvest and eat them and see how they taste is my long term sunshine grower experience advice…grow bags and info from this site will set your green compass. :compass:

That’s good enough for me, was just a thought but didn’t want to do it if more experienced growers thought it would be a risk. I really appreciate the info from everybody. Everyone on here is always very helpful. Thanks again everybody!


As long as you paint it white you won’t have any problems if you’re in an area with hot summers. I’ve seen my grandpa plant his vegetables in literally anything he can find. Tires, bathtubs, old refridgerators etc.

I will say, however, that fabric pots might be your best bet for maintaining the healthiest plant possible. And they’re fairly cheap.


I agree, fabric pots can be moved and provide more air intake in the soil.

Thanks so much for responding guys. Will go with the fabric pots, just was a thought since my buddy has a tire shop and an endless supply of old tires, but wouldn’t want to do any harm or damage to the plants. I love this site, I’m a newby and everyone is always very helpful.


you may need the tires to make a windbreak / tomato camouflage in the future…keep them in mind…:man_farmer::woman_farmer:

Thanks for the tag, @Justgrowin…:grinning::v:

Hi @gbarton :grinning:

This is an interesting question…

First, they are no serious studies on the subject and the only thing that we can do is an educated guess…

Tires are made with various things, including some really nasty chemical that are renowned carcinogens…

However, these chemicals have to be burned to be released or being fastly degrade by other chemicals…

Cannabicea are very good and quite adept at absorbing substances from the soil in which they grow. In fact, a process known as “phyto-remediation” can be used to decontaminate soil…

But are tires are going to degrade that fast, in a grow season or 2…? Not likely… But nobody knows for sure…

And remember that Cannabicea roots loves a lot of air…

I found a couple of interesting links that will help or not you make a final decision…lol…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog:

You can wrap the inside with plastic, but again, marijuana roots love to breathe…

For my part, I will not recommend it…

In hope that’s helping you…

Truly yours…

~Al :v::innocent:


Thanks for the info, very helpful, was one of those thoughts, but the more response I get. it seems a no so good idea lol. Again thanks everybody!

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A quick question since everyone has been so helpful, I have read if you use grow bags or cloth pots they should be larger than what you would normally use if it were say a plastic pot because they do breath so well that they dry out quickly. Is this something that is an issue or do they just require more frequent watering.

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In fact, it’s the other way around… You can use smaller cloth pots then the plastic counterparts because the roots will air prune them selves and not make a root ball like too small plastic pots will give you…

But it’s true that they will dry faster, depends on what medium you will use… But it’s not a problem, just need a bit more frequent watering… :wink:

In hope that’s responding to your questioning…

~Al :v::innocent: