Container Size- Too small? Root bound?

I’m worried my containers are too small and my plants are root bound causing symptoms that look like nutrient deficiency and nutrient burn. I’m using clay pots with 10 inch diameter that are 9 inches high. I thought fertilizer was too week, then I thought it was over watering, but now I’m thinking they’re root bound… Thoughts?

Veg plants are fine but plants exhibit extreme yellowing that starts 2 weeks into flowering. Starts at bottom of canopy near main stem. Leaf starts yellowing around the edges, looks like the chlorophyll is being drained from the plant. Get’s completely yellow with brown edges. Some veinal chlorosis observed but mostly interveinal chlorosis, some brown spots, and some burnt tips. The plant closest to harvest has lost almost all it’s fan leaves and the some of the sugar leaves have burnt tips.

I must admit I am guilty of over watering and only started using Sensi CalMag Xtra in addition to General Hydroponics Flora Series this week. I’m also strengthening the fertilizer recipe to 600 PPM from 450.

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I think I’m running into the same issue. I have a plant in a 2.5 gallon pot and it looks half dead. Luckily I have 2 beauties in larger pots doing wonderfully. The lesson I learned is go big or go home with the pot size. I have 7 gallon smart pots waiting for my next set of plants.

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Pictures really help with plant issues. In normal lighting.


Not sure if this matters, but I used 10 inch clay pots and have a ton of salt buildup on the outside of the pot. I wonder if it’s harder on the roots.
I harvested and checked out the roots, they were much thinner then I thought they would be. They also looked pretty brown, not white and healthy.
What do you think?

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