Considering new light hlg 550 v2

So I’m about to update my light I’ve been reading up on this light seams to be considered as a great light .my current set up is 3x5 room rdwc 3 plants .currently using 1 bestva 1000 smart led and 2 king led I believe 1200 currently on my 3 inside grow yeald are decent but I’m sure I should be getting better yeald first grow 9 0z second grow 11 oz third grow un determined i am in week 5 of flower .planning on building a second room so I can flower every 30 days . So my question is what kind of yeald should I expect with this one light in 3x5 room. I also forgot to mention I used to grow indoors around 15 years ago using hps and metal hilid 2 1000 what .so I’m fairly new to led and obviously mad the newbies mistakes of buying cheap lights .


Wow must be end of year sale huge savings. Good luck with your new setup