Confused: two plants with yellowing leaves

1 have 5 plants all growing along the same fence. They were all looking well until yesterday. I noticed 2 plants are starting to yellow. The ph is 6.4, and they get weekly nutes (Advanced Nutrients), and daily watering of about 1L each. Do you think I’m underwatering maybe? But that doesn’t explain why only 2 plants are suffering…?

Pic 1: yellowing plants
Pic 2 & 3: close up of yellowing leaves
Pic 4: healthy plants



I would guess overwatering.

Maybe only 2 are suffering because the soil is holding more water.

Also, unless they are identical clones, each plant is an individual and has individual needs/maladies.


ph is a little too high and too much water like stated above. the leaves are curled down because of the weight of water in them. they need to dry out some between waterings. roots need oxygen.


@AAA @thatguythatgrows Oops, yesterday I watered more to see if that makes a difference. I won’t water at all today and see if that helps.


You can poke a chopstick around the soil to help air flow, just stay away from root epicenter by a few inches.


I’m thinking if you haven’t used calmag it is a good time to do so. Just and observation with my plants that they require calmag during the stretch. I’m thinking that could account for the yellowing leaves. If it’s not that using calmag won’t hurt anything. 1 tsp per gallon or 4 tsp per 5 gallons is what I do.

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I think a better watering technique is to water until runoff then allow the pot to dry out before watering again. You can determine that pretty easily by lifting the pot. This will promote healthy root growth.


Okay. I’ll give that a try. I’m using 5 gal cloth pots, tho, so don’t really get runoff…

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i water until i see water coming out. then i dry that up. i haven’t used a smart pot, but you have to get runoff. the pot can only hold so much water right?


True. I probably just haven’t watered enough to get runoff…

Btw, does lowered soil cause issues. Over time, the soil compacts and dissipates out the bottom. So the base of the main stalk is less covered. Should I add more soil?

I personally would not add more soil I would just water it till water is coming out all around it then let it dry out for three or four days when in veg don’t drink as much as it well when it’s in the flower


Okay. Thanks!

Watering going okay. I think it might be root rot. The new growth is stunted (see pic). Base of main stem looks odd (pic).

Soil so low that roots are becoming exposed. You sure I shouldn’t add soil?

Add mulch on the top layer, 2" or so. We use wheat straw on our plants.

If you can get some Mycorrhizae, its great for the roots.

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Mine all have that happening and I use 5-7 gallon and it still does it

Okay, cool Thanks!

Being in a fabric pot is key it helps

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Gave them some root protector, and now they’re happy!


I’m very late to this conversation, but I wanted to chime in re the smart pots in case its relevant for you next year:

They do indeed run off.

I’m using 20 gallon ones this year. My plants got between 1 gal. and 1.5 gallons every other day on average. (During cooler stretches I might reduce to every 3 days. On hot stretches, I sometimes go to 2 gallons.)

But my main point is, they do runoff when you soak them enough. Water comes out along the stitched seam, and all of the pot saturates and shows “wetness” when you give them a good soak.

Just wanted to mention that in case you use them again next year. Unlike plastic, you can water them deeply, and they do shed the overage.

Happy harvests to you.