Conflicting harvest indicators (first indoor grow)

Hey all! Im currently near finish (im at 8 - 9 weeks) with my first indoor grow of Sweet K and Grape K and I’m getting conflicting indicators for harvest. The pistils are amber and trichs are clear so I’m not sure what indication to use. With my outdoor grows, they changed about the same time so I knew pretty definitively when to cut. Has anyone else seen this and what indicator did you end up going with?
I’d roll using the grow time but I’ve purposely shocked my plants so it slowed them down a bit during pre-flower. Also, this is a fully organic grow.


nice and frosty! Great color… the true final indication is the trichomes on the actual bud material not the sugar leaves. Wait till they are at the desired level of ripeness or close to it and then begin weening them off fhe nutrients for a good week or more, like just straight water for the last week. Personlly I like to dry em out a bit on the vine before I cut.
So for me if they look close… its straight water for a week and change and then a few days of nuthin but air!


Welcome to the community ! beautiful plant nice and Frosty as mentioned take a look at the crystals on the bud itself with a Jeweler’s loupe.

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The pistils won’t get you high, always go by trichs. When pistils start to turn and are receding is what I use as indicator to start checking trichomes, but it’s usually little while later before I harvest.


Welcome to ILGM forum. As already stated start checking those trichs. You want to be at least 100% cloudy when you chop them down.

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Thanks for the guidance, everyone.
Its turned out to be a whole different ballgame growing indoors. I’ve never had to keep control of so many other factors before.
Thanks again!