Confirm diagnosis on leaves...Please

Been fighting different issue throughout this grow…my first in many years, Gnats (still have 'em), what I believe to be nutrient burn, several other things i will not bore you with… I am 2-3 weeks from harvest. Overall things look pretty good I have only been feeding these plants for the past 12 days with bloom nutes (2nd half of flower with the higher PK and lower N) as they seem to have gotten overfed first half of flower so I mellowed out and just fed water for a week or so.

I know leaves will not recover but it seems they are getting worse and ones unaffected are becoming affected (to be clear a good majority were affected) Slightly confused as many symptoms seem like they present in similar fashions. I’m pretty clear on the yellowing being N deficiency…usually…and happens toward the end many times…

Just starting to occur in one or two of my beds. And I assume the pics of single leaves are still nute burn???

Been taking soil samples and my ppm’s are really not very high. average around 500 -800, now. I am feeding at only around 3-400 right now as well which I understand is pretty mellow really.

Sort of looking for advice on best plan for riding out the rest of the way…My plan is continue feeding until Jan. 8th nutes (3-400 ppm’s) and Sugaree. keep temps near 80-85 RH 40-45% start a flush on the 9th or 10 and harvest 18ish. Of course depending on tics and all but this strain is pretty consistent 67-70 days. Should I feed higher these last 6-8 days of nutes I plan to give before starting to flush?? Or just stay where I am and ride it out??? What are people’s feelings on things like Sugaree or Sweet products in flower stage for supposed bulking of flower and trics? How about feelings on lower RH to like 35% for more trichome development.

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I wouldn’t even worry about it, those leafs look pretty good for that close to harvest to be honest things go wrong.
I honestly can’t say for sure what the culprit is from this side of the screen ide probably get a better idea to see the whole plant in natural lighting with a couple pics but again don’t sweat it they are minor details your gonna trim off soon anyways.
Once you flush if that’s what you wish to do you’ll see more damage in the leafs.
As for the sugars/carb load I don’t k ow enough about it to be honest so it something I need to research.

Additives I would say should be used only when you fully understand the science behind them so your not getting hosed. So great bud can be grown with zero boosters while just using a basic nutrient.


Thanks for chiming in…yeah I hear you I think I’m just riding it out now and moving forward with the plan I stated.


I’m with Nicky, sleep good you’re on the downhill now.