Concerns or Not?

Concerns about the yellow tinting on the new leaves? Temp 74% Humidity 54%
Soil Always moist never wet Ph 6 - 6.5. This is an unknown seed from medical stash.

Possibilities - Sunshine Daydream, Critical Bilbo or Lavender OG. Only assuming this is an autoflower??

Someone help me calm down!! LOLIMG_0608 IMG_0604 IMG_0602 IMG_0606

I see the spots but are a bit out of focus to see what’s happening with it. Are you keeping it domed? Feeding?

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are you misting her it looks like condensation has formed and sat on the leaves …maybe? :face_with_monocle:

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Spraying them with anything? What kind of light and how high over plant?

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What type of soil are you in?


It does look like a soil mix at least. I use a mix and get it very wet. Then I let it dry out almost completely and soak her again. Her roots have to spend at least some time dry in soil, yes?

IMO, you have some unusual growth (genetics) and looks like water spots, from your light source heating up the water on your leaves.

Happy growing! :slight_smile:

No only drops of bottled water for the soil

Too young for moist soil: damping off likely. A dome is more appropriate for the first two weeks. Once established would be the time to look for deficiencies.

Let soil dry out, use a clear Solo cup over the top of the plant, or a 2 liter Pepsi bottle.

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You can see in pics that soil is wet. At this point it shouldn’t be soaked. I would be interested in knowing what type of soil you are using. Specifically the brand, if you know the brand.

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I am using PRO-MIX. When I transplant it will go into Fox Farms Ocean. I have not sprayed the plant or even touched the plant. Strictly watered with bottled water. The soil is dampened only not wet. I have a moisture sampler that I use.

I am leaning towards genetics (as it is an unknown type seed). I will let this alone until the second set of leaves sprout.

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Good Morning Folks!! Yesterday I took the plunge and transplanted “Stella” to a fabric pot w/ Fox Farms Ocean. Added .125 ml of the Fox Farm Grow Big. She made it thru the night. She looked good this morning. I also am moving to 18 / 6 for lighting. Hopefully the transplant hasn’t shocked her. No pics until Wednesday as I am just letting her rest and soak up some food and light. I have moved her temporarily to a setting where she gets about 6 hours of natural sunlight.
images (2)

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