Concerned about Mary

Hey guys,

Just about two weeks into flowering. Already seeing trichomes around the florets. My concern is that the leaves are becoming rather pale. I know at this point there’s the energy transfer but it seems early compared to other grows in the past. I have switched over to a combination of Blooming Booster and Easy Weed the last couple of waterings. Any chance overwatering could be an issue? I let it dry out pretty good but I drenched when watering.
The yellowing is throughout all of the leaves. The images shows yellowing more noticeable along the edges which might be exagerated by the image.
Not sure if it’s just a nitrogen deficiency or another deficiency or abundance of a nutrient.

Any incite will surely be appreciated.
Stay safe and be well…elliot

If you noticed there’s a yellow whitefly sticky card next to it, but the infiltration is really minor at this point.

Looks like a bit of nutrient burn. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

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Uncle Jacks Bug killer is a very good product.