Complete Overhaul

I have a couple questions for experienced guys I got a new brand new system just finished putting it together. I’ve got three Sprouts started and I can’t get the fourth one to start to save my life. I need a safer way or a better way to starting the seeds I went by the ilgm starting method because it’s seeds I ordered from them. Can anyone help me and should I put a picture of my system up see if I’ve screwed up somehow LOL



That’s the whole thing as best I can

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Looking like a good start! Some seeds just never pop. Some are slow. Doubt you did anything “wrong”


Thanks for the help brother

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Here’s my method:

In a coffee cup put 1/4 cup of distilled water. Add 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide. Drop seed in and place in a dim, warm location (I use my cable box). Every 24 hours add another 1/2 tsp peroxide until seed cracks.

Likely you are using rockwool: soak in distilled water, wring thoroughly dry, split the rooter all the way down it’s length and place sprout 1/3 inch from the top.

Dome and keep under moderate light on a 24/0 schedule.

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Thank you so much for your tips. Everything has come up do you want to see?

Yay! I’m happy

These were started around the 14th of February


Hey brother check it out I sprouted those seeds

like you said


Anyone have any advice to get bigger flowers faster

I’ll say so! Looking good in there.

As for bigger flowers faster…let me know when you figure that one out :yum:

Seriously though, my best advice would be to just keep them happy…nutes, vpd, lighting and they will take care of the rest.

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Was that light part of a package deal listed on Amazon?