Colour of Buds = equal amount of CBD?

We have been able to pass thru the drying time and now have come thru one month of curing in Mason Jars and as I shake and shake and burp these jars. I am seeing wonderful colours in buds. Now some buds are browner/orange and all are very dense and still a little moist when pinched. So I picked just a few out that were brown/orange/green and grind away all. WOW! very relaxing and muscles pain gone. Neck pain back pain reduced a LOT. SO do you all think these may have more CBD in them? @Nicky @BobbyDigital @yoshi

Theres only one way to find out get ur self a test kit that does thc and CBD then u will know,also read up on the strain that u have it will tell u if it has a hogh CBD or a high THC

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Are those priced out of a poor man’s buject? Is it a one time test? Western Grail is the strain

I wouldn’t say the color of the bud means any more/less cbd or thc. Some strains change genetically, and a vast change in temperature / cold temps is what does it I believe.

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No theres different ones u can get tCheck2! Test Your THC Potency At Home! - YouTube check out this link