Colorado backyard grow

Whats up im growing legally in denver with my girlfriend and just wanted to share. Its 10 plants 3 northern lights, 3 gold leafs, and 4 super skunk all outdoor in ffof with aurora 707 and using ff nutes



All of these seeds are fem from bergman…absolutely no prob with germ 100% success!! This is our second year growing and just want sone feedback.its august 6th and only the gl have started budding any advice would be appericiated


Looking good to me. I have some photos also. Outdoor northeast. Nothing flowering yet, day 90 in another week or so. Still some long days here.

They look very healthy to me. I can’t see any insect damage, the leaves are all nice and green.

Sorry I don’t have more feedback, but I’m curious how tall they are on average?

Nice garden!

Dude, mow your yard! :rofl:


yo whodat66 this aint better homes and garden I’m talking about my weed not my weeds


You’re gonna end up with dandelion bud :slight_smile:

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@colo_outdoor420 the grow looks great imo
As far as you plants and buds
The gl that started to bid may be getting a bit more shade causing it to bid earlier
I’m in the NE and we won’t start officially bidding till around end of end of August that’s when will will have less than 13 hours of light per day so I would suggest you check when your sun light times drop and I think it will give you a better idea when the girls will be in full flower mode :+1:
Keep up the great work
@Willd had a great link to help estimate sun light for a given area maybe he can put a link up for you


It’d be my pleasure :cowboy_hat_face: CB


Thanks @Willd

Nice! Handy stuff. I’m betting you can calculate apparent noon? :slight_smile:

Thanks countryboi and wild i appericiate it. And phantom all of my plants are about 4 1/2 foot tall

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Nice and they look bushey so I think you be happy at harvest time @colo_outdoor420

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OK @Countryboyjvd1971, I think you just came up with the title for the next song I write :guitar: :drum::violin:


Woohoo can I get shoot out for coming up with the title lol @Willd
Lol shout out not shoot out lmfao Will

I agree! I was hearing music when I read it

This one is pretty straightforward, too. Just enter your location and away you go.

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Awesome looking plants👍
I wish my state was legal so I could have some bushy monsters like that in my back yard.

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hey @willd @Countryboyjvd1971 was wondering if yall knew if it would be worthy to do a feeding to these bad girls since its been raining here the last 12+ hours and then this whole week our weather is mostly rainy as well… will it just be too much of a dilution?