Color temperature

Anyone have any ideas on this. I have 2 lights.

1: Mixjoy gl-2000 has 3000k 5000k ir uv and 660 diodes. Photone say its color temperature altogether is 5100k

2: Enfun 240w with the Samsung 281 diodes with bloom enhancing switch (adds more red) with bloom switch turned on puts off 5000k

Will that affect flowering? I know you want warmer color temperature in bloom. Or will the 660mn diodes and the 3000k diodes help?

Couldn’t find a better way to word this

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Yeah theyll help. I seen a Mars box also said 3000k and 5000k and IR. Sounds like they designed it with that in mind. Do you also have a pic of their chart or graph with spectrums

Here’s the enfun


The mixjoy


Seeing a pattern…

The Enfun 240w is old technology and you can do better.

The Enfun 240w is a decent light, but you can do better for the price. Look at HLG lights. You can probably take advantage of an upcoming 4/20 sale from them.

Stickk with lights built with Samsung LM301 series diodes and you will do fine. If you are buying an Rspec you won’t have to worry about light temperature. It will be optimized for you.


If not 420 deal they have very good deals on refurbished lights use dude code to save a little extra

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The enfun was 84 bucks. To me, thats a sore peter. Just can’t beat it

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My ‘hydro’ is 12c +tax/kwh so I would look at it different than somebody paying 30c so that 84$ is a bit misleading. 12c CDN is what 9c USD?
But you should see the junk I grow with. It wastes power making heat but my power is cheap. Hundred-dollar junk. Its real hard for me to get 2oz per plant thats the big difference, besides power bill

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For the efficiency to price ratio, ill stick with the older gen for now. Its my first grow in about 3 years. I know the enfun doesn’t have the newest diodes but the mixjoy does. And enfun runs off something different than meanwell, but mixjoy has meanwell. You want to know something though, that enfun puts the mj to shame

Cdn? Canadian right? You guys ok up there with how the world is right now? I know the stuff is bout to hit the fan down here in the states.

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