"Color Coding?"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“i have questions
1.From the beginning to the end, in the plant growth stage, only light blue is used, and at flowering stage only red light???just 1 color per stage?
2.Air inlet fan and air exhaust fan are bright for a few hours?in dark time or bright time?
3.this led is ok or not?
if u have the best shop for light plz tell me…”

That LED could work fine for vegging up to 4 feet by 4 feet, but for flower it will likely only cover 2’ by 2’ or maybe 2’ by 3’. It doesn’t say on the spec page, but I would guess it actually consumes about 200w.

Regarding what color the plant uses when, it’s probably best for you to look up “photo-synthetically active radiation.”

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1 the plant uses more light frim the blue spectrum in veg and less red
In flower more red than blue
2 exhaust fan should run 24-7 as well as a intake fan to ensure good air flow
And a fan in grow space should also be used
3 i would personally stay away frim any light that doesnt list actual watts and or par valves
With that said from the spec the light will work
Your looking for around 50watts of actual power ( power used at outlet ) not rated watts
I would suspect as @Bogleg mentioned the foot print of the light be in the range he stated
Hope this helps
Also maybe join the forum so we can guide you as needed to a successful harvest
Happy growing and best wishes CB