Coco ppm question?

Hello i need a little advice on my coco grow. I am growing cheese gawd and gg4/silver cookies in canna coco. My leaves seem to be coming out twisted and wrinkled. The plants themselves are thick and green. I water daily at 5.8 ph with sensi grow nutrients with b-52, as well as voodoo juice. Cheese gawd runnoff ppm is at 1420 with a ph of 6.0. Gg4/cookies at 1266 with ph of 6.5. My lux is at 20,000. Am i looking at a full on flush? Thanks in advance!

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They look good tome

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Only suggestion I have is to get that 6.5 back to ~5.8 - 6.0 in coco.

Otherwise looks great.


Those numbers should be fine, and apparently the plant will produce hormones that manipulate the pH on their own. I finally gave up fighting with my plant who kept putting out 6.8 - 7.0 after being fed water that was 5.8.

I’ve had ppms as high as 2100 (eek!) but the plant is fine. I had to fight with her for a long, long time to get ppms down to 1500 and under.

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Ok good! Just keep watering with the 5.8 ph to get that down then? No flush needed?

Ok cool. Everything i am looking up says ppm should be around 1000. But im doing everything nutrient wise to a T. I found out my ph reader was off for a bit though so i was thinking lockout. But the plants do look healthy i think. Not broke don’t fix it. Good enough for me. Thanks for the input!