COB Lighting for new 5x5 Tent setup

When are you guys going to be offering those new COB lights I’ve heard your going to be selling? I will be in the market for 1000 to 1200 watts of lighting in the next 4 months or so for a 5x5 tent build. Would like to see what you have to offer.


I heard of this on another thread and had been looking for them as well. Following.


They’re working on getting the site going for you guys, no worries!



Hey everyone,

Thank you for your interest. We are still planning to release some product this year, however; Our production manager, (a one man operation) is going through some health issues and therefore we are not producing anything at the moment.

I will attempt to get a time frame from Dumme, as he knows more about what is going on in the shop.

Sorry. Wish I had them to sell believe me! :slight_smile:


Maybe I can get the plans and some material and do some myself; Tons to do…Tons…

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