Co2 questions uptake and use

Will plants take up co2 through the root system or is it just through leaves and greens?

This is better

So Iā€™m not completely crazy for watering with carbonated water

Were all crazy, some of us just more so, Lol
But the roots need air, so carbonated water is a waste, so save it for vodka and such.
Leaves take in CO2 and roots take in Oxygen

I make my own CO2 container i use a three ltr sauce bottle or a soda bottle if the bottle is clear or white or any colour i paint it black to keep the light out i put two to three holes in the lid now to make the CO2 put just under half of warm water into the bottle put two cups of sugar shake it around to desolve the sugar then add one diced tomato and add two teaspoons of yeast shake it up put the lid on tie string around the neck of bottle and hang above the plants


Legit ? @Aussie_autos

Thats what ive done its to easy since i have been using this my plants have been much bigger ,i know before i was using it i wasnt getting big healthy plants but i was using bottled nutrients back then and now i organic grow

How long does the bottle last one you hang?

Lots of DIY Co2 generators out there.
Common ingredients are
baking soda and vinegar. You basically drip vinegar into a container of baking soda.
Another is the sugar, yeast and water. Adding tomato is a new one. A little acid??
It is a big rabbit hole on Youtube - room for more.
For the effort it takes I think there is more payoff by providing the best environment you can, a high transpiration rate and moving as much fresh air as possible.

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For about four weeks