Co2 oil questions

I just got a co2 oil dart I have seen different videos about everything you can do with co2 oil. You can dab it Put it on any food (makes it edible) and you can line a doobie with it. The 4th option is what i am curious about have anyone ever put oil under there tongue and taking it sublingually? If you have taken a oil sublingually what was the experience like? Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you trying to get high, or are you going for medicinal? The only way THC will get you high is if it was decarbed before making the oil dart; even putting it on food won’t work, unless the oil is properly heated, causing decarboxylation.

True Co2 oil is ready to go says so right on the package. Can be dabbed ingested or vaped i see you can sublingually us oils also RSO and it increases the bioavailability you get 30% when you eat it and almost 90% when you put it under your tongue the THC goes right into the blood stream.