CO2 is it worth the effort?

Hi guys :v::blush:.
I’ve been trying to find out more about the the use of CO2 in the grow room and how it affects the ganja! but am only able to find a lot of material that explains how to build a CO2 generator, not anything about whether or not it’s worth the effort :thinking:. Does anyone have any experience regarding this matter?

The vast majority of grow rooms don’t need it there’s plenty of CO2 in the atmosphere and the plant can only absorb just so much anyway it’s more commonly used in very hot, usually Greenhouse situations

… that said a lot of people seem to want to use it, I used it myself for years before I realized I didn’t need it so it’s up to you ?

  • good luck either way! :thumbsup:
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Thanks :relaxed:. I must admit that I had my doubts about the generator! Mainly because really nobody, that I could find out the, really had any comparison between growing with and without! Think I’ll just keep growing without :blush:

I’m with @Paranorman
I used it for a while myself until I realized it didn’t matter as long as you have some fresh air that gets into grow area I think you’ll be fine
Talk to your girls you produce Co2 lol

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I’m going to sing to them each day😂.


My last bag is hanging now when it is spent Im done except for the occasional vinegar and baking soda bomb


Hahaha good they will like that @Thedanishguy
The other day I was havin a nice little talk to my girls and my wife over heard it and thought I was talking to someone one the phone lol
I had to prove to her I wasn’t because phone was upstairs lmfao

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Thank You @Paranorman Perfert. you took the words right out from under my fingeer tips



I actually have a gas heater near my grow so they do get a bit from there as well as vinegar and baking soda bombs. Unless tou have several plants I wouldnt really stress about it.
Although many of the guys who have taught me some things say the bags of co2 work great, but not required.

Hope it helps

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All’s I know for sure is if you can get your PPM of CO2 up to 1500 or roundabouts… you will notice a huge difference in your veg and three weeks into flower they will go crazy …I think the people that don’t see substantial growth are the people that are not exceeding that 1500 PPM or a little higher and in that case you will not see a big difference… but that’s just me and the experiments that I do… :relaxed:


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Lol​:joy:. Think it’s also a little funny that you actually had to prove your self to your wife​:joy:. Nice…:v: