Co2 for a small container grow

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I have 2 plants in a grow box. Is it overkill to give them a co2 blast every so often during the week? Like a vinegar and baking soda blast or fermentation.

In a small setup like that, unless you have gobs of light to justify the extra CO2 it’s probably not worth the trouble.

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Hi, I agree simplicity is key in a container grow…

I agree with @elheffe702. Co2 doesn’t really change much unless you’re running high light intensity levels. If you post the size of your grow and what you’re using for lights, I can take a look and share my opinion. But in most cases simply keeping a healthy rate of air exchange is more co2 than the average home grow will use.

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Thanks everyone again. The plants are doing well, as a noob, I want everything under the sun just to make sure the grow succeeds. Hate to really do something that I had read just to throw out the time and effort.