CO2 Bag question?

Hello, I have a question about CO2 bags!

I have been seeing how they contribute to the flowering stage to maybe develop better yields due to being able to photosynthesis better
But I have seen that they also help plants with higher temperatures in the grow tent.

My T600 mars hydro has been making my tent pretty hot in my closet, I have a exhaust fan and fresh cool air going into the tent and has been reading 78-88 early on.

I would just like to know alittle more about the subject before I buy one for the right reasons.

Thanks friends


Only under the right environmental conditions - intense lighting, higher temps, the ability to push high nute levels (usually hydro,) and so on. A Mars 600 is no where near enough light for the plant to use the extra CO2. You need to be running 1,200+ PPFD at the plant’s canopy for extra CO2 to help the plant.


In general CO2 benefits the plant during veg. This is where most photosynthesis occurs. CO2 bags simply can’t produce the high partial pressures needed to do this. Like stated you also need high light levels and a sealed environment with heat and humidity controls in place.

Better to optimize your grow using conventional methods like proper media, nutrients etc.

I can do better than 40 oz. of flower in my 4 X 8 with 4 plants run with coco and nutes. This is without trying hard either. Many here grow a pound or more per plant indoors.


I’m not looking for better yields. My real question is will it help with my high temps in my tent will it make my plant more resistant to high temperature?

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Extra CO2 makes no difference if the plant can’t use the extra CO2. The simple solution is to increase airflow. Honestly, 88F isn’t all that bad.


Oh okay I get it, I just been thinking alot about it and seeing that my Temps should be 67-78. What are good temps for seedling-veg to flower. My seedling at the moment has a temp of 79.

Mid to high 70s is ideal, but anywhere between 65 to 90 is common. 88F is pushing the high end, but still acceptable.


Do you use vpd?

Here’s one chart… There’s many online.

It takes into account your temp/humidity ratio depending on leaf temp(taken with a laser temp gun set at about 0.94).

If your temps are high and can’t push more air in… Adjust your humidity to get you into range for your stage.

Okay awesome, your such a great guy @MidwestGuy very smart guy. I have one last question. I have a soil mix of 1/4 happy frog on top 1/4 happy frog and 1/4 ocean forest mixed together in the middle and at the bottom I have strawberry fields. With this kind of soil what kind of nutrients should I get. I don’t have ANy at the moment. Or does my soil have decent amount of nutes already?


What’s VPD. Tbh I don’t know how to read that graph.
I have been able to get it down to 78 that’s the lowest I have been able to reach and my highest has been 88


It has enough nutes to last the plant for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant.

Jack’s 321 is very popular, inexpensive, effective, and isn’t heavy on the minerals salts like many nute lines are.

Get yourself a PPM meter, measure runoff PPM, and begin feeding when the PPM dips below 1,000 for the first time.


I planted straight into it’s pot so I won’t ever transplant it, I did see everyome talking about jacks so alright thanks so much. Also which jacks nutes should I get is there specific ones?


Vapor pressure deficit.

Take your stage… On legend at the bottom… Then goto your temp… Go across to get your humidity to set to get you in range for the stage.

I usually go for somewhere in the middle of the range.

For instance… Say your at 78 in flower… Humidity should be around 56rh.

Some charts take into account early and late flower

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Okay I get. Thx


This, in addition to pure Epsom salt for magnesium and sulfur.

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@MidwestGuy has you covered. He knows how to rock and roll this. My temps go to 90⁰ once in a while. My tent is open most of the time when lights are on. I have an air cleaner in lung room pushing the good around


So that Jack nutes and pure epsom salt if I understand correctly.

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Correct. Happy growing.

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1 bag puts my tent at 1500 and my bedroom around 1200.

What are the air temps from the lung-room going in?
Provided they are low enough & you still have trouble controlling high temps, then you probably have inefficient airflow at one or more areas in your setup, &/or an under-powered exhaust fan. These things can be tested easily enough. How many cubic feet of airspace is your closet, & what is your air-exchange setup exactly?