Cmh choices lighting

I was wondering if when it comes to cmh nanolux was good I’ve heard great things about them seen growers choice before in action and like them too he nanolux isn’t dimmable I’ve seen can someone help is there any better?

@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Hogmaster @HornHead may be able to help

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I’m looking at lighting myself and it seems like Quantum Boards by HLG are what people are mainly using. I know only what I’ve been told but they’re supposed to be good stuff. Initially more expensive than others but cooler with better yield. Good luck and happy growing :+1:

What size is your space? And how much are you looking to spend?

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I got the vivosun 315w 3000k and love it. Perfect for my little 2x3 tent

Nanolux fixture is kind of big to use in a small tent.

My intent is to run cmh veg in a 4x8 2 630 to be exact i really like what I’ve seen from growers choice I’ve seen these just wanted to make sure before did that’s me but I do think from what I’ve seen that nanolux is to powerful for that setup

That would be alright. The 315 fixture is vertical bulb and takes up a lot of height, that’s what I thought you were asking about. You may even want to look into a mover, I’d bet you could veg 4x8 on single fixture with one.

I am trying out a SolisTek 630 CMH on my summer grow. They are supposed to be really good. I am growing one Crystal in a 4x4.

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How much are thy running?

Cmh is the way to go for me especially in a perpetual setup. I’m stuck though over all I cannot figure the difference on de ad dual? Lol I mean the wattage is the same. yes one implies 2 lamos and one is double ended duh,but I mean as far as best choice to veg under for plants? If you could have it your way obviously @dbrn32 and anyone who feels like they have insight experience etc!! Set up 48 or better but for me specially 48

Depends on space you’re trying to light. The dual bulb fixtures would be able to provide better coverage while being lower, and the single bulb double ended bulb would need to be higher to get same amount of coverage. So consider how much height you have to work with first, then see what will fit the best. I would say the dual bulb fixture would probably work out better in a tent.

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I have been running my SolisTek 630 for three days now. It raises the canopy temps in a 4x4x7 about 10-11 degrees Fahrenheit. I fight to get high 70’s with supplemental A/C and creative fan placement.