Clueless Clyde's attempt to grow NL auto's

It was time to find a new place to throw $$$ (hobby) so I decided to attempt a indoor grow in a Mars-hydro 2.3 x 2.3 tent with whatever came with it. I am growing in Detroit nutrient co. water only soil.

I decided when I started, that this was going to be a no fuss no muss attempt, and what I learn will be parlayed into the next grow. Sooooooo.
For starters I need a PH tester for next time. I am watering with grocery store bottled water. I have added a very small amount of fish eulsion and a bit of GAIA power bloom .
enough background. Here’s one at 38 days. I’m still struggling with the basics of just watering lol.

Thanks for looking!

edited to add, the droopyness is from a bit of water.


Just started my first grow ever with NL auto’s as well, Hoping my plants will look half as good as yours!


Looks great!

Re: watering

Always water at the same time of day.
Morning is recommended to avoid mildew.

The rule is water today, wait for fan leaves to droop. Then subtract one day from how long it rook to droop. For example if it took3 days to droop you can safely water every two days.

I grows outdoors so I almost water everyday due to the heat.

Happy growing


Welcome to the community @IkilledElvis
Looks to me like you are doing great, especially for a first time grower.

That is how all of us learned and got better/more confident.

Spend a couple of bucks on that and also get a TDS/PPM meter. (That can be an el-cheapo if you want.)
You are doing good getting the basics down before trying any more advanced techniques like topping LST and supercropping.

That will be big enough tent for one or two plants but is very likely underpowered on light for even one plant to reach it’s potential. But as I said earlier, your girl looks good. Very healthy and is well into full-on flowering. Expect up to 9 or 10 more weeks before ready for harvest.

Specifically look for a Hanna, Apera, or BlueLab pH meter. I personally use and love my BlueLab, but Apera is the budget friendly alternative that many here use with great success. I think @PurpNGold74 even tried to kill his by leaving it outside for 6 months and it still works great.


Here are pics of the others. The second NL and a GSCX that I had given up on and sat outside.

I’m hoping @Newt will take a peak at some point. I find his advice (among many others) make a lot of common since.


Happy to look in. And I don’t see any issues (but I’m also not on my regular device). Is there a specific question that i can help with?

No particular issues. The next two days are going to be hot. The last gasp of summer as it were and I do not need 90 deg temps right now. They did fine through a hot and humid August in veggie stage but they weren’t in flower either. My hope is that yes it’s going to be hot but at this time of year it won’t be the entire day.
I’m tossing around bringing the big gal in the house for a few hours.

Hey new friend. I never wait until they droop to water. Why add stress I believe.

I suppose they made it through the last of summer. Fall is here with much more favorable temps to finish I hope.

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It was a very nice evening to be outside so I made the most of it. Here is 1.5 cups of ghee infused with a rather healthy amount of grape ape pulp. If I did it right this should be a major sleep aid.

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I am using great lakes water only soil, which over time has settled a bit. The plant is doing good but I would like to boost the flowering just a bit. Now keep in mind it’s been almost all just water for the first 6 weeks. Could I top off the container with fresh soil without doing harm? Could I add a little top dressing before topping the soil off (Gaia power bloom)?
Thanks in advance

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Top-dressing is the most common method I’ve seen. @Lacewing @JaneQP @MeEasy y’all just topdress with additional dry amendments, yeah?


Thanks for the tag Ms @Graysin :grinning: @IkilledElvis I’m sure you would be good to give a bit of Gaia and top off the soil. The only thing I would do is only feed like a quarter to a half of Gaia instructions since the soil is already amended, then you could do it again in a couple weeks but again only a fraction of the recommended amount

Watch the leaf tips and obviously don’t feed again if there’s burn. A lot of growers go to tea towards the end but I just sprinkle a little of my flower nutrients on top (lightly rake it in) just keep the soil moist so the microbes can do their thing, microbes quit working in dry soil slowing down the food supply


Thanks for the tag …I have only top dressed with earthworm castings outdoors …Lol it didn’t harm any thing so I’m assuming it was fine


I’m getting a little excited


@IkilledElvis Looking Great!

Not really a lot to tend to right now so I straightened up my space a bit.

Edited to add. Next grow the inline fan will be above the tent attatched to the wall.

When is the best time to add worm castings as top dressing in seedling/veg/flower?

I also have some blood meal. Not sure when and if I need that. If I do same question as worm castings.

I have great white as well

Indoor tent grow in coco and perlite

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I don’t know anything about growing in coco so I’m no help to you on this one

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