Closed environment

Ok so when using a sealed room the air conditioner will always be venting the hot air which will create a negative pressure and expel the smell as well, correct? So a sealed room is vented?

What kind of ac unit? Window unit or home/building hvac? Both will likely cause a positive pressure if you don’t have an air return

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I have a portable ac that has an exhaust that hooks up to a 5” duct… So I guess I need to move it out of the room and duct in the cool air? Thermostat??

If you duct the cool air into a sealed room you’re, again, going to create a positive pressure. If it’s a portable unit inside a sealed room, you will need to exhaust outside which will exhaust co2 (which I think you’re trying to avoid?). You’re probably wanting to look into a ductless mini split system

Oh… a mini split “recycles” the air? The air handler is where the cold happens and the split part(coils) exchanges the heat and it’s outside or wherever…? So what would be the best way to run with a portable ac? Exhaust the co2, have ac turn off for a bit and turn co2 on? Or just use a scrubber inside the room and let it be positive pressure?

Even with a scrubber inside, the scrubber is going to be exhausting inside the room which will cause a positive pressure that will push the co2 out the ac exhaust even when it’s off

But the scrubber fan would be inside the room so wouldn’t the negative from the fan sucking equalize the pressure…? So then basically I need to figure out a way to run the ac exhaust far enough or through something it cools down before ducting it back to the room I order to keep the co2

Yeah, that’s true. I’m not real sure how you’d do it without a split system. Im going to tag in the resident hvac expert @Countryboyjvd1971