Cloning experiment

Ok so i have been testing cloning with 2 powders from the same supplier for a few weeks with some oddly impressive results. I have run an experimental run this time and have a result that i intend to attempt to reproduce in this journal while sharing the information with you all

Unfortunately i cannot keep the successful clones so for legal reasons I must say i have had to soak my clones in alcohol and rip tops from roots before disposal.

I will be reloading my clone tray with 10 viable clone subjects in about a week with pics of each step showing how its setup

For this experiment 2 will just be cut 45 dipped in powder and into rooter plug
2 will be cut and scraped then into rooting powder then into plug
This will be repeaded with the second powder
This will leave 2 clones not treated. 1 will be cut 45 and dipped into a solution of both powders mixed with water in equal amounts
The other will be cut 45 and scraped and dipped into the same solution

The intended results from my first run was that the two in the mixed solution were not viable clone material i expected them to die off and be excluded however today both looking very much neglected were the first ones to drop roots
With 2 of the lower dose hormone clones looking very close to rooting


I like the way your brain works


I’m definitely tracking. I need to bomb proof my cloning game.


Up until this past few attempts ive been very much hit and miss


I have ten or so clones going right now - first one just kicked out roots today. I think they will all root in the next day or two. I have one that I cut a little short that might not make it, but it looks like it’s about to root. I went through a stretch last summer/fall where I couldn’t get a single clone to root, but seem to have resolved it.


Im finding that keeping humidity high is key
The intoduction of short heated periods of 1-3 hours is helpful to trigger quicker root response and quality rooting compounds cant be overlooked.


Ok guys today’s the day for start of cloning experiment test run # 2

I have already cut 10 acceptable specimens they are currently sitting in ph’d water I will take photos of the cloning powders I am using and try to get pictures along the way as I go and explain each step as I go any questions please let me finish the set of 10 and I will come back to answer

For this run I will be using root farms seed starter plugs to embed my clone samples in

Water ph 6.38 ppm 360 at 72.5° f

For this run will be using stim root number 2 and stim root number 3
Both cost me 5 dollars 30 cents plus taxes at the local supply shop

And with the basics out here we go

Take clone sample trim excess leaves off cut 45 at 3rd node dip into stim root 2 then stick into plug hole as deeply as possible

Same process with stim root 3

Equal parts 2 and 3 mixed with Ph’d water

In tray as follows from left rear stim 2 then stim3
Then mixed dry
Front row of 4 equal mixed wet

Now it’s a waiting game let’s see what happens


At 7 days I’ve checked rooting plugs a bit wetter than I’d like placed whole tray on light to warm again for an hour without lid so that some moisture evaporates off. No roots to speak of yet will check back again tomorrow this week should have 6-8 show roots

So today is day 9 and I have news to report

Powder #2 no roots to speak of yet

Powder #3 one has

Mixed dry nothing to report

Mixed wet

That’s all I have to report for today

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@S.FloridaSwampman here’s some pics for ya

Day 10 results

Powder 2 nothing
Powder 3 nothing new
Mixed dry nothing
Mixed wet

I’m beginning to see a pattern


Day 13

None have anything new to report

Pulled both remaining mixed wet and tossed they are too dry to even consider and with lighting needs in flower tent I’m going to have to shut down my veg/clone room for now