Cloning a Male Plant?

A friend gave me an unknown seed. I germinated and planted it and it has grown well. It is a male.

All my experience as a novice has been with auto flowers.

  1. When are the seeds ready to take off and store?

  2. Can you clone a male plant?

Yes, you can clone a male plant.

Seeds are best left on the plant until they’re popping out easily when branch is shaken. I was advised by more experienced growers that they take between 6-8 weeks to mature on the plant.

Holy crap, that must be a metric s ton of seeds :flushed:

Yes. You can clone a male plant.

No. You don’t get seeds from a male.
You get pollen. The male has to pollenate a female plant as it goes into flower.
The female will develop the seeds.


Lol good I’m not crazy