Clones over 7.6 PH run off

I just planted 5 accidental clones (I tripped over one of my plants) in some organic soil, watered them with PH 6.4 going in. The runoff on all 5 plants were way high. What would you suggest I do, water them again with very low PH to flush them out?

PH 7.5 - TDS 100x10
PH 7.3 - TDS 153x10
PH 7.6 - TDS 103X10
PH 7.6 - TDS 140X10
PH 7.4 - TDS 933


You get it to drop a point your good. So drop your ph in a point and see what comes out the other end. Adjust accordingly

@Bobbi You go girl…when life gives you lemons, right? Here’s to some yummy mj infused lemonade in your future. :lemon: :lemon::lemon:

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Why is tds so high going in? What’s in the water? Lol

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