Clones have sprouted roots

I’ve got 3 ILGM Purple Punch photo clones that are in Root Riot plugs. My 1st in plugs. Now that roots are showing, where do i go from here?

Do I transplant to my potting soil? I have Clonex Clone Solution - do I mix a gallon and start using it?
These are clones from a clone PP from a Clone King machine.


Pot them up.


As Storm mentioned they can go into solo cups 1 gallon pots or final pots if youd like


Yep i agree with storm. Once they have roots i will put down some great white mycos in the hole and plant them. I start with solo cups and go to 1 gal and finish in 3 gals


You only have 3 plants? Definitely drop them right into at least 1 gallon pots and water them in with your solution. No nutes needed yet. Your soil should have plenty for now

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