Cloner info please

I have this 9 place cloner that I’m going to start using, I’m sure its pretty simple just want everyone’s input on how to be used.


Pretty sweet cloner Growmie! I use Clonex PHd to 5.8 with 3 air stones. I set my cuttings so the stems sit about 1/2” in the Clonex solution and mist the leaves daily. I typically see rooting around day 7 and transplant when I like the root structure :love_you_gesture:


I upgraded my converted fishtank to that same brand EZ cloner 32 I snagged for $99.

Like @OGIncognito, Clonex clone solution (its very light feed), pHd, make sure your cuts are long enough to reach an inch through the collars, turn it on.
I add a teaspoon of hydroguard, I have a gal HoCL right now so I’m using that to keep the rez clear of baddies. and Yep 7-10 days typically, top cuts and really new shoots seem to drop root faster.
Right now, I have 9 going in rapid rooters, Clonex dip, in 1L bottles(ghetto cloner over on my update) cut in half - Cuz the 32 isn’t worth the setup/takedown, cleanup for 9.