Cinnamon gummies

Hello all. I’m wondering if anyone has a good recipe for making cinnamon gummies. i’m not seeing any cinnamon jello mixes on the market but do see some make from scratch jello using melted (?) cinnamon candy and unflavored gelatin. wondering if that process would translate to the other effective gummie recipes already on this board. as usual thanks in advance for sharing the accumulated wisdom from those who have gone before. best regards to all.


You can get cinnamon flavoring at hobby lobby and wally world i believe

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Thanks @ChittyChittyBangin . i appreciate the direction. Do you think i can make these using the flavoring plus unflavored gelatin?

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You can can buy the premix kit. Thays what i use. Just be prepared to make a crap ton. Id use 2 or 3 gs of oil if you go big

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thanks again @ChittyChittyBangin.

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You can also melt down some Red Hots for flavor.


thanks @Spiney_norman. looks like a good option.