Christmas Trees update 71- 85


looking good, is there beer in that cooler?

Very nice Lovely garden

Nah, that stuff makes my memory way to bad…I forget how to talk so I cuss alot., I forget how much cigarettes stink, forget how jealous a wife can get when you run into an old friend and usually just how much that no matter how polite I try to be sometimes cops are just assholes.

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@Aussie_autos thank you.

@BudzMS , now I look back at that picture I remembered that’s the evening I put on some Sublime and a three hour tour later I got 2 solo cups full and no room in the cloner. What’s a hick to do I guess. Peace and Happy Growing to ya. Lol

sounds like you were having a good time

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They have been kinda rare but you know what now i think about it that is what its called ain’t it. Lol

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I hear ya lol

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Update changed things around

a bit.

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