Christmas Trees 85-92 days

Well what do y’all think about them???.


Looking pretty damn good in there!

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Thank ya @DrWoo. I’m trying.

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Those don’t look like Christmas trees half as much as they do menorahs. Maybe they’re Jewish.

I think your on to something I do kind of remember one with a Yarmulke early

I’m trying my hardest to refrain from flipping these girls. The few autos in the front give me something to help but then every couple weeks when I go checking their DLI, ppfd, and such I go to crank those lights and have to tell myself, remember your main goal. Done been down this road those few autos might last me till those others finish hoping anyways.

My plan was to run them together then when the autos finished flip the others. Going to cut down that net move those 40 gallon pots over to the middle where my light is centered about another foot and a half then screen up a 5x5 let it fill on in a week or three and then flip. Hope this 480 watt xs 4000 can handle that???. What do you guys think?