Christmas cookies anyone

Just curious as do any of yall do any holiday baking for friends and family. I made a strong batch of cannabutter do make some treats to pass out to all the good little stoners next week. Cheers all.

Seems like its a good batch. I put some on my toast for breakfast and im not toasted, but its definitely kicking in.


I don’t do Christmas cookies because I like to eat a bunch of them. Adding MJ to it just limits my cookie intake lol.


Double your pleasure with butter cream frosting. HO HO HO


I like a cookie recipe that uses a lot of butter. I substituted the brown sugar in the toll house cookie recipe with all white sugar. No chips. Not quite sugar cookies and you can’t use a cookie cutter. Red and green sprinkles. Merry Christmas.
And speaking of Cookies, Me love weed cookies!


Right on Grow Bro, I make the butter and my daughter makes the cookies. She makes a separate regular batch for my love of chocolate chip cookies and @Myfriendis410 said I like cookies :love_you_gesture:


I do all sorts of infused treats for the holidays… this weekend is sugar cookie time!


Not a cookie, but still a treat. I like to stuff a turkey cavity full of all the left over harvest from the year before. Stuff in a couple sticks of butter, and baste it repeatedly. I can usually get a pound to a pound and a half depending on the turkey.

I can only eat one turkey sandwich at bed time. I would add a few grams of weed turkey to my old basset hounds food. He had bad hips and it would really help his backside loosen up. He is no longer with us. I like it too.

The cookie monster tree is a tribute to Bob Emmet McGrath. Sesame street 1969 - 2017. He passed on December 4th. His character was Bob the music guy.
“Sing A Song” was a tearjerker when i rewatched it. Then “How Does that Song Go?” came on and I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.
Smokin the SOD.

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I made some special get you baked no bake cookies. Hard to believe something so easy to make is so good. Santa will be getting some tomorrow night if he doesn’t freeze to death or we don’t eat all of them first.