Choppin them tops share pics here

I cut about half my girls I cut them at 4weeks they coming back nicely . Drop your chopped top pics here

Gold leaf
Purple Paralysis
Shell shock Aka Amnesia haze
Speed haze
Blue Fire
Fruity widow
Strawberry Amnesia

The girls all going in the sun as the new moon arrives

[Uploading: IMG_20190329_083553854.jpg…]


Plants look healthy. Keep up the good works.


Thanks Im trying . Im not new to this was just doing it and getting some weight . I remodeled my garden and did a lot of reading. Made my holes bigger I was growing in 10"x10" holes now they are 3x3ft filled with all organic stuff I have cattle , chickens and a friend raises rabbits so I got a lot of that going mixed with some other guanos. Seaweed, pond algae . And Coco perlite, ashes, all mixed up with Happy frog soil conditioner. These girls were started in peat pods and thrown into ocean forest. Only water has been collected rain Im hoping for the best


@ThcinKC fertilizes in a very similar manner…manure? lol

The manure may just be the best for outdoors all my friends that grow come and take bags of BS home

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Oh, I have tons of BS in my house LOL :+1: