Chillin' out with Hurricane Matthew

Well, fortunately, Matthew weakened and shifted further East. The coast is getting some damage, but inland is like a long windy summer rain. I don’t say storm because it’s still bright and no lightning. I live in Florida’s Lighting Alley.

Just wanted everyone to know that my location is doing fine with the Hurricane.

I was going to upload a little video, but I guess it is recorded in the wrong format.


About the same by I 10 and I 75 just rain and breezy

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Be alert it’s coming back for round two after it go out and gain more strength like Betsy did in 1965 ?

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I think the Appalachian range will tear him up enough that the models won’t matter much anymore.


I kind of wished it did go threw the Appalachians as we need the rain badly in the foot hills. We have only received about 2 inches of rain since June. I have a 41 yr. old dogwood tree on the side of the house that will need to come down. I tried to save it, but the water bill got expensive. Mike

Man, that sucks! I think the Dogwood tree is beautiful in bloom.

It didn’t really produce the amount of rain that I expected. If course any would have been better than nothing in your case.

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