Check out my First grow...How am I doing?

Please review attached pics…I would like any advise someone would like to offer… I planted on May 3rd…



Welcome to the forum!

At first I thought your plant was getting smaller, then realized you posted pics in different order :slight_smile:

She looks happy and healthy


Thanks! Sorry for the pics being out of order…Not sure what I did wrong!


I was making jokes, no worries! Keep up the good work!

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How do I sign up to ask a question

Click that new topic button, it’s on the category section

Welcome to our community, you will love it here. Plants look healthy healthy healthy @rfeist11 nice job so far :sunglasses:

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@Pat7 if you have a look at the home screen there is a new topic button and when you click that you will see list of options for where you would like to ask your questions. The forum is divided into sections and welcome to our community :sunglasses:

Looking good welcome to the forum


They are looking good! Welcome to the forum. Keep us informed on your grow

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Congrads there, your plant looks just lovely.
I was going to post a pic of my first attempt to see what brand it was. I think its the one you have here. Can you tell me plz what it is. Sooooo many types, Im totally lost, ignorant and just lucky my first go looks real nice like yours.
Thankyou in advance.

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Hey Thanks for the comment! It is Super Skunk - Auto-flowering. And for me as well, I feel I’ve gotten off to a lucky start. But I monitor early in the morning and after I get home from work everyday. Also take pic that evening. I have just started using Alaska Fish Fertilizer - 5-1-1. Really made the leaves green up and seems like the growth has accelerated.

Here are updated photo’s…Loving this…

My first grow in a 16.5x 16.5x48 inch tent 300 watt led in soil its at week 4 of flower it got overwatered at the start but seems to b healthy. Let me know wat yall think good or bad i will appreciate any help or knowledge o and the plant is only a foot tall

Here’s update pics…looks like it’s growing good…

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