Check my grow! Yield guess?

Hello all,

I thought I would contribute to the forum with a post containing the last few weeks of flower with my ILGM Chocolope. This has been a long process with the plant outgrowing everything she was in and many lessons learnt.

This lady started her life as recommended under a low watt CFL and remained there for a few weeks before being moved into a standard refrigerator to be vegged out for a time. She sat underneath a Vipraspectra 600w led and gained size relatively quickly in such as small space in the midst of winter down under.

On multiple occasions the plan changed. Was I to grow a single plant for the off season? Prepare for the coming outdoor season and take cuttings? Try to create feminized pollen using Colloidal Silver or STS methods?

I’ll admit trying to tackle many possibilities with limited space, one plant and being new makes for a hard decision and at times you can become the biggest contribution to the downfall of all plans.

So what I decided to do was acquire a bigger space.

Currently she sits in a 3.5x3.5x blurple tent. Hindsight tells me that a collection of UFO lights whilst serving me well so far wasn’t the most logical move.

I’m happy with led’s but I find the colour somewhat annoying as it does look odd for concealment purposes, hanging multiple fixtures isn’t exhilarating either.

So after spraying a branch with STS

and flipping the lights around 3 weeks ago this is where I stand. The image is little on the dark side and the camera does not fair much better.

I hope to be able to acquire some feminized pollen, create a few seeds (likely in the future) and harvest some flower for personal use. I am curious to see the total yield by the end of the next few weeks. This plant was low stress trained as best as a well researched no experience practitioner could manage. Along with some topping and fimming it does seem to appear flat with multiple colas.?

If anyone has feedback that would be great. I have ideas what I will and won’t do for my next grow at some point.

Below is a spotted leaf I would like some opinion on.

What could cause this? It is only one lower leaf.

Canopy shot (dark)

Regular bud (non sts)

Front shot


Blurple fixtures.

2x vipraspectra 600w leds
2x not worth mentioning pathetic led bad choices.

I believe HLG is in my future!


Couple ounces anyways? Looks good for the light youre using!

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A little timeline update.

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