Cheap PH Meters Beware!

Yeah, one of these were calibrated. But I still don’t trust them. Never! (the cheap ones) Have your water tested by the county you live in (if they do it). First of all, you have to take samples of different faucets, outside/inside, etc. Keep it cool and all that stuff. But! They give you everything you need to know about your water. For us, PH! I didn’t know when I started to grow how much my PH was off. By chance I refied my house and have a artesian well. So they made me get a water test. Little did I know that info would be very beneficial later…


I never trusted mine either. So I opted for a more expensive one. And I’ll be damned.


Yykes! That makes me respect old school more. I’m pretty sure that my city uses the oldest outdated test equipment known to man, but I do believe that equipment 100% over the crap we buy.

That expensive one will hold its calibration Longer and the probe will outlast that cheapo. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

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Definitely. I’ve even upgraded from the apera ph20. After not using the ph20 for the last year, it’s still reading accurately.


You can buy “buffer solutions” to calibrate/check your meter rather inexpensively. I use a trio every time - pH of 4, 7 and 10. Check out Fisher Scientific or maybe even Amazon. Easy and positively dead on!

The cheap ones won’t calibrate to the standard solutions. They have crystal packs that calibrate to different ph levels. It’s a pain to constantly mix these crystal packs.

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Just checked Amazon. $14 gets you 4 and 7. $20 gets you 4, 7 and ten. Used properly, shelf life it upwards of 24 months.

I didn’t know that. I’ve always had a good meter and used solution.

The cheap ones calibrate to 4.01, 6.86, and 9. something.

That bites! Glad I bought a HACH years back!!!

Thanks everyone! I was kinda just saying it’s kinda cool to know that my water out of my faucet is 7.00
I calibrate off my faucet water solution…

What do you mean by this?

I mentioned that my water was required to be tested by my mortgage co. so I had that done by my county. Not only did they test for every toxic material but they also gave me the PH, which was 7.0 out of my faucet according to the county. So I have a 7 solution out of my faucet.

It was at the time of testing but doesn’t mean it still is. Do you know what your water Ppm’s are?


That’s the thing, Once I had the test done, my previous owners tests were brought out. For 20 years prior to me the tests show pretty much consistent with the toxic stuff and the was PH 7.0 forty years ago. So I do know that the Appalachian Aquafer (something like that) was mentioned as to the origin of the water source. Not any where close to understanding that water stuff but it was an experience that sort of helped me get along…