Cheap LEDs for my Space Bucket

So I am new to growing, and being in college im going the cheapest way I can. I will be growing in a 5gal space bucket. One of the lighting options I am going for is the cheap 20$ led grow strips off of amazon. I want to try to use them as my main source of light. How well do you guys think these will work? Nexlux LED Plant Grow Strip Light Kit,16.4ft/5m 5050 Waterproof Full Spectrum Red Blue 4:1 Growing Lamp Aquarium Greenhouse Hydroponic Pant Garden Flo

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You might also consider using CFL’s. You can get 4-way socket splitters. 6500k for Veg and 2700K for flower (or something near that). Can be picked up at a local store.

I have no experience with the lights you linked and couldn’t see actual power draw but I’m guessing it’s pretty low. You want 50 true watts per sf of growing space.

I saw what you wrote here, I have put my plants to flowering about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t change the lighting. I am using cfl deluxe daylight should I change to a different bulb?

@fwn54 what is the k rating on those bulbs?

it was hard to read but I think 6500.

Yeah you should get the 2700k and your girls will reward you with some explosive growth! Lol

ok ill do that and thanks but could you tell me why they like the change and im using 100w bulbs. also while we are talking about lights do porch lights affect outdoor plants.

The different bulbs provide a different spectrum of lights. One is good for veg and the other for bloom. Give it a couple of days and my friend Al @Niala will give you a more proper explanation on the lights. He knows way more about them than I do!

As far as outside lights affecting an outdoor grow… I guess it depends on the intensity of the lights and how far away they are? Are the plants autos or photos?

You doing this in your dorm?

I have some of the strip lights I personally don’t think they will do you any good at all because of you add any CFL’s to it your blue and red spectrum goes completely away because they’re not strong enough especially with CFL’s in there if it were me I would buy a four-way adapter for four lightbulbs and do CFL’s if you’re on a budget otherwise go to Amazon and spend 70 on a meizhi led or mars there are cheaper ones but I know these to work really well


just bag seeds. the distance is about 40 ft. but at night when I look at my patch I can see the plants its ok about that im in the process of redirecting the light more to my porch. the reason I asked is I read somewhere here your indoor grow room needed to be completely black at night no silvers of light, so it makes me think about that. your explanation about the light spectrum was good I understand that, thanks.

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no my house extra bedroom I don’t use and in the closet, in there I thought would be easier to control light and weather.

cool. Less worries about electric usage and smell being noticed.

I am with @Hogmaster spending the extra $50 on a Mars or Mehzi will be worth the investment way more than you would imagine.


I think darkness is a relative term. Full moon outside you can walk around with sunglasses on and still see. Lol I’m exaggerating but I think street lights 40 feet away might affect them? I think I would try to eliminate as much as possible.

I go by if it puts out enough light to throw any kind od shadow at all block it. Outdoors it is impossible to make a 100% dark grow area.

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ill do that thanks for all the help answering, im still new and am trying to figure it all out.

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my next grow im doing different. I have 11 plants im trying to light up and I think it would take more than one light fixture, ill switch to 2700 k and use the ten reflector fixtures I have already. im trying to save money for some different seeds. I want to try several different kinds im thinking anywhere from 150- 200 dollars just for those plus I want to get a grow tent. i think i messed up from the beginning by using 2 gal pots so im not going to get a great yield this time but after reading everything here im going to make changes to help that.

Hey and you can always still transplant them into a bigger pot I recommend the smart pots but yeah you will definitely need some good lights if you plan on growing that much but if you’re just doing one or two plants a 300 W LED would work out pretty good for you you can get a tent for very cheap if you need anything hit me up I’ll be more than happy to help you out with whatever I can and so will everyone else got a great group of people on here

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Nope not in my dorm, not interested in getting caught :smiley:

Looks like you’ve gotten your questions answered.