Charged twice for same transaction

My 1st time doing business here.
Not off to a good start.
Charged twice for same purchase?..
Might be the last time.

Sarah from Support has alrdy responded. She’s working on the issue.
Thank you again, Sarah for the quick response.

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This is the grow support forum. Glad you got that resolved though.

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Still waiting on my refund.
Not even sure HTF I got billed twice for the same transaction.
Made my account negative.
Definitely won’t buy here again.
I’ll stick with the Dutch Seed Shop from now on.

some years ago i was double charged for a transaction. made some stuff bounce i had outstanding. after talking to the bank about it turns out they were the problem, not the merchant and they made any outstanding transactions that had bounced good and of course they covered all returned check fees. hope all turns out good for ya. may or may not have been ILGM’s fault.


I recieved my refund. Just as Sarah @Customer Support said I would.
Thank you Sarah for your help.

Sorry for coming on here pissed and bashing.
Patience is a virtue I lack.

Thank you again Sarah and ILGM.

Thank you @Newbiedude and @Covertgrower

glad you got your refund. i made my first ever seed purchase from ILGM and everything went off without a hitch. in fact, got my seed quicker than i thought i would. seems to be the case with all i have read hear. no business can go without a hiccup here and there. it’s all about how they handle the hiccup after the fact. good luck too you!