Change of mind SOG TO SCROG

I currently am growing 8 plants indoors. in my 4x4 I’m trying to scrog and in my 2x2 SOG. I also should mention that I mixed up my strains (blue cheese and blue haze) Now the girls in the 2x2 are very bushy and seem to me that these would be better suited to scrogging however they have just enter the flowering stage. 1) can I switch them out for the ones in the big tent and return them to veg? 2) what would that do to the ones in the big tent that will be move to the little one?

You can, butvit will take some time for them for the plants to go back to veg and start growing again.

Good question. You could continue to veg them or put them in flower and let them go.

I’m wondering if maybe your best option is to leave some of the plants in flower in the 2x2 and just move a couple of them to the 4x4.

I’ve decided to just leave everyone where they are. NO need in stressing the plant out or myself

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