Change Lighting Schedule

I am on week 3 of veg with my white widows and have the lights off from 11 am - 5 pm. I need to switch the dark time to the evening to avoid light leaks. I’d like to have them in darkness from 10:00 - 4 am. How can I do this without disrupting the plants?

You can extend the dark period to account for the change. Longer dark period = ok.

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Hi im not sure how u would do this but theres a YouTube video u need to see ive put a link up on the forum in one of my posts ,the post is called all you photoperiod growers need to watch this ,the video is from dr bruce bugbee he does studies on cannabis plants the video i posted the link on is about if cannabis can detect low light levels and does it affect them .you should watch it ,i will find the video again and i will sent it to u How Dark is Dark Enough? Darkness level requirements for plants with Dr. Bruce Bugbee - YouTube

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I am only on my third grow, so take this for what it is worth. All of my plants have spent all of their lives in veg on a 6/2 light/dark schedule. I would just let the lights come on at 5 and then go back off at 10 and then you have a new schedule to be on.