CFL Troubles, light fell on 2 week old!

So this morning being the smart arse I am dropped a clip CFL fixture on my plant took a couple of parts of leaf off two true leaves one being new growth, and one lower down since then or after watering the new growth as shown on picture seems to be slightly droopy not sure if it’s due to over watering or stress due to having a knock on the head so to speak, any input welcome any advice will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance

In a day it’ll be like it never happened.


I agree with @Drinkslinger you got some healthy plants there @MrNiceFlavour and they bounce back quick.

@Drinkslinger thank you mate was slightly concerned been keeping them on 24 hour light for faster veg, rooted well and growing well noticed a bit of droopy new growth few stains also but not sure if that’s related to the 24 hour lighting so turned lights off for a little break before switching to 12/12 showing female pre flowers on both plants

It is it me or does the new growth appear to be wilting and thank you @Ah-hee

Over watering perhaps ?

Quite possibly rest of the growths fine as for the new growth seems a bit unhappy, I feed once a day might go for every two days as there in 15L fabric pots, I use Canna A+B to starting to increase the dosage ever so slightly say 2.8-2.9 ML of each in 2L bottles, would you say that that’s the obvious issue as I can’t seem to think of anything else as the plant it self seems healthy and is standing tall? Thanks @Ah-hee

Yeah try that new watering plan see how it goes because they look really healthy and their height looks good. Anytime! :v:

This little baby was attacked by a cat that was let into the room by my daughter accidentally.

I thought she was a goner.
This is her 2 days ago.

They can take a little punishment.

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