CFL Success Story

.Critical Mass…bout to be washed and hung


Another Critical Mass shot, and very awesome strain.


@THSee your kickin ass & takin names with your set up… I really like when things are kept simple… Nice job my man…


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Hey thanks man, and it has been a journey so far. I have posts all over the forum but I should have kept all my pics in this post, just to keep it together. When i posted ealier this year I was starting my first indoor grow. Lots of research and trial and error. Since then I added 2 galaxy hydro 300 watt lights and a really good ventilation system. Big difference now, and I can tell this though, growing 7 diff strains at once a first time indoor was kinda stressful, plus plants having individual needs at times was a pain. For instance super cropping my Obi Wan Kush 3 diff times to keep her at a level where they got light evenly during the 5th week of flower! Thought I hurt her, but she bounced back. I know I didnt scrog, or anything special. Hell I didnt even trim my plants barely at all, I just wanted to do this grow as simple as possible and I think it was a success. All plants made it from germ to harvest and each awesome. Still though I ended up putting a lot of time and money into it now, but my next grow of ILGM WW and a AK47 from Canuk will be even better knowing what I know now. Thanks all for helping me to the end, as it really was a success story thanks to you guys. Sorry for the rant, but feel free to ask me questions about my setup for specific details or whatever. I ll post a pic of my dry box later, its got a few girls hanging out…lol


Good job :+1: