Carbon filters and scent?

If you’ve grown with and without a carbon filter do you feel that the carbon filter takes away a lot of the scent?

Yes I think it helps. I have a unit that does not vent to the outside. If you have one of these, then you have to make sure that a fan is blowing directly to it. That will circulate the odor toward the unit. Then the carbon filter absorbs the odor. I also purchased sheets of carbon filters that I cut and but in all my first floor vents.

well that’s what I guess I’m askin,g because these buds from many different strains and vendors but none really smell that strong

… it’s all is at least 10-12 different varieties so far and none has any real odor when it’s finished and in the jar?

They do seem to have a different scent.

I know what ur talking about try this after all is cured like u said take about a quarter bag put it a baggie and just roll it up like normal come back to it in a couple hours and smell I don’t know where the smell comes from but u won’t even b able to walk around with it in ur pocket without someone looking at u funny

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Man you are exactly 100% right !

I had a bag down the beach the other day and it had almost no smell

Few days later in a few more Beach trips and opened it it stunk !

it was night and day like you said good looking out buddy !

I wonder if that’s from the carbon filter or the glass jars?

I used to keep it in tupperware and never had this issue this is my first tI me in jars ? Hummm…?

I just saw the title lmao !

It says " cabin " lol! :smiley:

… do you recognize my accent from that?


lol I didn’t even realize i read it 10times just now before i caught it i kept saying looks right to me cabin carbon if u not form Louisiana gotta at least b the south

I always use the jars and hardly no smell last harvest after cure i put a half pound in a vacuum bag for a lil over a week and when i cut it open o my god it smelled funky it was like a skunk fart lol

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I dont have one just fan in and exhaust fresh air whole.

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I thought that’s what they must be called. Cabin filters. Lol. Didn’t even connect carbon to it.


I know, I read it a few times too and then finally I got it ! :slight_smile: I changed it

I’m doing some experiments now with some skunk #1 and something else ? that’s kinda stinky I bet it will stink like crazy after a few days in a baggie ! :thumbsup:

@jeepit I wonder why this happens with the jars ? …it doesn’t make sense but it’s real ?

plastic is porous.
Some more then others but I know from working with detection dogs if you place some thing in plastic they cant find it at first but after awhile the sent leaches through and they can detect it.
Even the smell proof plastics dont work for ever after a day or so the dog can smell it.
The only way to beat a detection dog is food or another animal smell. It all comes down to whether the dog likes food chasing cats or his toy more.
If you are some where and want to hide an item use two fresh bags and place the item in as you leave this will give you the most non detection time.

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I use a carbon filter and it works very well.
infact there is not smell at all that comes out of the vent and it is odd and noticeable that there is no smell.
I only have a small carbon filter and I grow area is 10 feet from a foot path and even my family dont notice it.
Those plants stink too

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Thanks Iva, but what I’m asking is once the plant’s are harvested & put in jars and cured properly over time there seems to be little to no scent to the bud ?

@jeepit mentioned putting it in bags for a few days which I accidentally did in my beach bag and it smelled normal. I’m wondering why this is ?

I’m wondering if it was heat that made it smell…body heat, summer beach weather heat…my stuff in my jars is kept on a dark cellar shelf, near constant temps, no light.

The smell starts when I break open the buds.

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I don’t know but it was just in a regular ziplock baggie in my beach bag out in my car and probably a couple times dragged in the house over probably a week but it was just like @jeepit said

The same dip shit down the beach who didn’t like it last week cuz he said it had no smell went crazy for the same exact bag yesterday !?

I haven’t opened it since he didn’t like it about a week before, but he thought it was something completely different yesterday!

no matter how many plants I have flowering I never smell anything, but they used to stink like crazy when I used to grow without a filter

At least I know I’m not the only one who noticed this and jeepit could not have hit it more on the nail ?

Now I just have to find why this happens ?

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How about, as just a stab in the dark guess, the handling of the bud causes trichs to break open and then they smell?

Because of the rigid jar walls, the buds stay protected, a protection baggies can’t offer?

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I thought about that but this baggie just sat in a beach bag and it was inside one of those dispensary pill bottle type things, it wasn’t touched at all for days, I didn’t even know it was there ?

I can’t believe this is only happening to me and the Jeep master this has got to be something common. maybe it’s not the filter maybe it’s the Jars ? …any thoughts on that ?

This is not a small matter if your a caregiver, the same person that didn’t like the muted scent of this bag last week didn’t buy it for that reason !

try putting it in a baggie in a jar, next to just jarred weed, next to just baggied weed…a three way experiment.