Carbon air filter, germination

A question from a fellow grower:

Dow long is the germination of a seed and what should I set the carbon air filter to come on and how should I set the timers for it

Put the filter on when odor becomes apparent, it’s completely up to you when you run it but to be effective it needs to run 24/7. As for germination, you can see a seed sprout in a few days, or 10 days, there is no short answer to that question other than “how long is a piece of string”

All my genetics from ILGM Seed shop have sprouted in 2 days. This is great. Some seeds that have been stored over time, take longer.

I have my Carbon Filter and Vortex 6" fan hooked up to a switch controlled by temp, and humidity sensors. It comes on when temp or RH gets too high. :slight_smile:

Most of my seeds germinate in 2 days. I use paper towel method.

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