Cant identify the issues

Not seeing any deficiencies from the pics other than maybe the lights too bright at top causing the praying
Do you have a way to measure your light intensity at top?
I’ve heard about a Photone app for your phone that some here use to get a better idea on light intensity.
It’s good to know so you don’t give them too much.
Is the one not praying at a farther distance from light than the ones that are praying?

If your gonna flip you’ll want to get that top dress done and it’s great that you are using teas and LAB to help things along.
As long as they are health flip away when you feel it’s right!

In flower they’ll use less nitrogen but more phosphorus and potassium as you see on the roots bag showing the NPK amounts as they made it for flowering.

No i don’t have any way to check ppfd but my light maximum watts is 500 i have it at 75 % and they are 25 to 30 inches away…and i gunna top dress b4 my next watering im brewing a tea atm. My light is the ks5000 btw decent “cheap” light.

I should do half of whats recommended correct cuz i table spoon per gallon seems to be alot with nutrients already mixed in the soil as well

This is my entire tent the middle will be turned to clones for the summer grow so that will be taken out b4 flio

The front right is the plant im question

If you got a android, download tbe photone app. Check reading and report back. Hopefully you dont have screen protector over front camera lens bc it will obviously affect the reading. Your nute line as stated has a very big variance in compared to pot size…same amount for 1 to ten gallon? I dont like that at all. I. Not a organic guy but that dont seem right

I agree with the nutrients it doesn’t make since to me neither because there is a big difference between 1g and 10g and i do have a screen protector im clumsy with phones

Well u need a better idea of how much ppfd you are giving. It does matter

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Im waiting for my wife ro get home she doesn’t have a screen protector…this is the feeding schedule…i haven’t followed this at all i didn’t know it existed til now

730 to 550 ppfd

No it doesn’t
I’d either call roots and ask them WTF
Or I’d use the 5-10lbs per 100 sq ft and calculate that out based on pot Sq ft etc
Once figured I’d go in between as far as how much
What’s the distance across each pots surface?
Are they 1Ft x 1 Ft? Bigger/smaller
Then 5lbs is 80 ounces
10lbs is 160 ounces
So maybe use 120 ounces in the middle of the two as the baseline if 100sq ft.
would be 1.2 ounces if pot size is 1 sq ft
Once you have that sq ft per pot then run the numbers….OR CALL roots and say WTF
I’m buzzzzed hope I figured that right in my head


I try and stay between 450-600 ppfd for later veg and top out at 800-850 for flower as I don’t use supplimental CO2


Live and learn
Not to late to pick up where you are now

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Yeah that math is confusing haha but ill call um and tbh i didn’t think my light was as strong as it is. And when i flip ill keep it between 800 and 850 depending on how the plants react